Thursday, July 21, 2011

Schnecksville, PA

Super nice people, SUPER HUGE DOG. This place was called the Suburban Farm for a reason. Two dogs, two horses, three cats, and Ryan says a peacock but I never saw it.

That dog was so large.

Change of Venue in Oklahoma

Turns out Bad Granny's isn't doing shows anymore so we're now playing at Gray Owl Coffee in Norman! Here's their facebook page with directions and such Gray Owl Coffee

Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Don't You Whisper is on Bandcamp!

Hey everyone! Feel free to stream our new album on bandcamp, spread the word, all that jazz.


Boston, MA

Well, besides getting three parking tickets in the span of 8 hours, Boston was great! We were interviewed and performed on UNregular Radio along with our friend Aviv from Pray for Polanski. We also played our first hootenanny and listened to some incredible folk musicians.

Bloody Mary taken by Jerome Eno

Friday, July 8, 2011

Plymouth, MA

Day 3 was really fun and the house was so NICE. Joe Curley's Yard Fest has the best location with a lake right behind his house. Everyone played out on the backyard and ate yummy barbeque cooked by the Mr. and Mrs. (vegan friendly of course!) Also included in the evening's festivities were night swimming, embarrassing story time, and bug attacks. 

Danbury, CT

Day 2 of cross country touring brought us to Danbury where we got to nap in a really nice park for 20 minutes and leave ditch Ryan. We also went to a Mexican restaurant and had a yummy taco salad... and Ryan ate a cheeseburger. Also, thanks to Omeed from Midi and the Modern Dance for letting us sleep at his house and giving us delicious healthy snacks. Ryan and Dan really liked them.


(you can skip the middle)

So. Good.

Naugatuck, CT

Here are pictures from our second show of tour at The Tetonka Fortress

Yummy Grinders!!

My Weasel Cup

The Dope Girls
Machine Gun Wolf
Eddie Golden III (from The Guru)


Two Humans

Cactus Arms

We left our mark on Naugatuck

Thanks to Ray and Emily and everyone else for setting it up/coming out!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tour Kick Off

Our first show of tour at Bookspace was so much fun and we really want to thank all our friends and fans for coming out to see us! Hope you all enjoyed the cupcakes, not to mention the other bands! Here's some pictures our friend Charlotte took:

Brian Mietz (It's A King Thing)

Us and Us Only

The Front Bottoms


The nice girl who performed during one of our songs

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