Sunday, August 28, 2011

Denver, CO

We played for the Underground Music Festival and got to see HGB again! Everything from the shopping to the food to the other performing artists was awesome. If you're ever in the area, highly recommend getting the Irish nachos from the Irish Rover Pub. One of the best things consumed on tour. 

That's the last time he got to use my pillow

Adrianne's belated red velvet birthday cake! 


Joe doing what he does best

This was a post office. These became quite important to Ryan...


Seeing Sage Francis made Ryan very happy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Omaha, NE

Three days in one spot - new record! Anyways, we had so much fun playing with Hellogoodbye, Fake Problems, and A Great Big Pile of Leaves! All really really nice guys and such comedians. It turns out it was Fake Problems last night of tour so as a goodbye ...present?... all three bands got up on stage at the end of the night and played a ridiculous cover. Other then that there were plenty of vintage and antique shops to look and buy Adrianne's birthday presents at. Oh yea, we played with HGB for Adrianne's birthday! Needless to say, she was quite happy with it.

It's like I'm playing the Oregon Trail


Gum ball Pinball

Almost bought myself a payphone

A Great Big Pile of Leaves

Fake Problems


It's a boys' stage

Fairfield, IA

This was a HOT day. Like a literal fry eggs on the sidewalk kind of hot, countered by a swimming pool offered up by our friend Julia who booked our show! Also, really nice guy Glenn took some videos of us - find them here! To summarize the rest of the day - shopping shopping shopping.

Ice cweam time!


We got there on the DAY OF REST - NOTHING WAS OPEN


Town decor - a chair with bottle caps and silverware 

This TV was on all night facing outside, very strange programming

We decided to be chefs 

Respect the sax

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicago, IL

Chicago = shopping. And walking. Lotsss of walking. But there were so many cool stores and art all around. Hopefully pictures from the actual show will be added to this later!

A very pretty bike

Because you've always wondered

Bloomington, IN

 Ok there's no picture proof but we went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and yes ok I admit it I cried but come on there was some sad stuff going on! Next day we played Rachel's Cafe with some really cute folky bands (see picture belowww). Thanks to Liza for the pictures and letting us stay at her house!

Taylor Compi 

A cool cat
We're really great morning people

Cleveland, OH

We played at an outdoor cafe and met a very nice old man who ran it and had a dream to tour the country but never could. Sad right? Don't worry I think he's doing ok for himself. But we also stayed with two lovely ladies, Sasha and Mishka and ate pizza flavored kale. We also went to Tommy's for breakfast and Ryan and Dan were romantic with their milkshakes. Then we went to Big Fun and were blown away by the amount of TOYS. ANDDDD we went and swam in Lake Eerie! Boom.



Dan passed out from too much kale

Yes, a truck caring caskets

Tuna <3

Lake Eerie


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