Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Norman, OK

The night before we got to Norman, we stayed at some hotel and decided to make dinner. Or at least Adrianne and I did. I think we'll do quite well living together and cooking our own food. Our presentation is outstanding. When we got to Norman we stayed with a wonderful friend, Natalie, who had the cutest cat & dog combo. Better then Milo and Otis. My family also came to visit, all the way from Kansas which was extremely nice of them; plus it's always nice to see familiar faces. I'd just like to thank Natalie for the music she passed on to us, I'm now even more in love with Rose Melberg and her many many projects. 
Chicken, mozzarella, carrots, snap peas, tortilla chips, with balsamic vinaigrette 

date night isn't complete without cell phones

what to eat...

mini veggie sandwich with alfalfa sprouts

family support

cat napzzzzz


natalie said...

where are the videos of casey and i talking about how much lemars suck?

Catnaps said...

ryan made a very special video, i'll see if i can put it up!

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