Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Los Angeles, CA

L.A. definitely wasn't as smoggy as we thought it'd be and traffic, what traffic? Ryan had his first dip in the Pacific, there was some serious volley ball playing going on, and my god how many blonde and tan people can they fit into one city?! We played at Origami Vinyl, the same record store that Jonsi played and then cancelled the rest of his tour because he hated the experience so much. Definitely not due to anything the store did, they were very nice people and it was a really fun show. I didn't get to see all the record stores I wanted but hopefully maybe one day I'll have time to go back and rub it in Mitch Routman's face. 
Dan played pokemon on his computer a lot. He named them after us.

le Pacifique

cool name

Origami Vinyl - Talk about having stage fright.

banana caramel cream pie

does anyone know what this means?


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