Tuesday, September 6, 2011

San Francisco, CA

From Portland to San Fran we went through too many mountains to count. We stopped off in Weed, CA and stayed in a horror film-esque motel. You know, the kind where you could see someone opening your door in the middle of the night and chopping you to pieces. Don't worry though, we locked our door. The next day we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and Ryan sang the Full House theme. Note to anyone with a trailer attachment: avoid driving into the city of San Francisco. The roads are so steep and vertical you move at about 15mph pedal to the floor. Seriously, look at this nonsense on Lombard Street.

Watching Weeds in Weed

Bacon waffle

bet you've never seen an orange juicer like this

The guy who let us get down to 5 miles left in the tank

The tunnel before the bridge

He was a beggar

The jump from hot tub to pool 


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