Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Albuquerque, NM

Getting to Albuquerque was a little dull but on our way to Amarillo we stopped off at the Grand Canyon. Dan was the only one who had ever seen it before so he was our unofficial tour guide. This was a decent video day so here, have three. For dinner we stopped at this place that was all about Native American food so I ordered a burger with extremely large pieces of Native American bread. Now when I say large I mean diameter of 6 or 7 inches. Could have been great, oh well. Enjoy the scenic shots!

Sorry about the gibberish at the end. Ryan pretended to shove me into the Grand Canyon.

toward the canyon

king of the ledge

we found him walking around outside the restaurant

half coyote maybe?

too much bread

It's all about the hot sauce


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