Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long Beach, CA

The next day we went to Long Beach and spent the day with Forrest at his home studio and admired his incredibly classy abode.  He gave us a tour of town and showed us some really nice shops as well as a restaurant that had delicious veggie Phở. That night we headed to Palm Springs and stayed in a really really cool hotel. Apparently they used to have a record player in every room but I guess we weren't special enough to get one. Oh, forgot to mention we picked up our friend Alan that day! He ended up leading us on a trip to Joshua Tree that night. What would have been an amazing, uplifting, spiritually revitalizing, etc, etc, trip turned into one of the scariest moments of my life when we saw someone get dropped off near the entrance we took and disappear into the pitch black desert. It was midnight, in an area surrounded by nothing but darkness, and up until that point we had been the only humans around for miles. I'd post a video but there's a little too much foul language used, even for my taste. But before that experience, we decided to go to in-n-out. We ended up sitting next two these two young people who had worked there for a year or so and told us all of these insane orders you could get. Order a Flying Dutchman Animal Style. Do it.

cool car

chalk wall in the kitchen. we drew like it was 1997

don't touch his mat

the girl

the boy

the other boy

Mr. Producerrrr

My toys

cool roof


finally, a palm tree lined road

In-N-Out trip #1

before I knew what "animal style" was

Our hotel was hip

cool lobby


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