Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Playing Clark Park Fall Equinox Festival


If you're in Philly on September 17th come to Clark Park and see us and the other great bands that are on this bill!

Facebook Event Page

Playing Athens Popfest

Yes we are confirmed and playing Popfest on October 15th at Caledonia Lounge at 4:15pm!
Other acts include: Sweater Girls, Kleenex Girl Wonder, The Dead Milkmen, The Gerbils, Man Or Astroman?, and of course Younger Siblings!!

Check the website for more info!

Nervous Energies Session is Up!

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we recorded a Nervous Energies session with Ryan Russell while we were in Birmingham. Here are the videos and links to the N.E. website to see all the other bands that have done sessions!

Coming Home

August 16th, 2011
What was supposed to be the quickest and happiest drives of tour turned into one of longest. All we needed to do was get from Sean's house in Baltimore to Dan's house in New Jersey. Somehow we ended up driving right past my house in Media, PA. Then when we were actually in New Jersey every street we normally would have taken to get to Dan's was CLOSED. All of them. I think we ended up adding on another hour to the trip because of the ridiculous detours. But then we made it and all was well. Everyone ran to their cars and went home to say hello to their pets and family and pass out.

As a reflection on the whole six week experience, I'd like to thank everyone who housed us and got us a show. We wouldn't have been able to do it without any of you. Ray Kosma, Omeed Goodarzi, Joe Curley, Aviv Rubinstien, Maura, Nancy, Liza, Julia, Steve and Winnie, Chris Bigalke, Karen and Jim, Ilene and Ed, Sean, Jason, Natalie, Casey, Anne Marie, Mitchell Gold, Sean Mercer, Jonathan, Teddy, Chayse, Keith, and of course all of our parents. This really was an incredible trip and hopefully we'll be able to do it again!

welcome homeeeee


Baltimore, MD

So while we were supposed to play Richmond, it turned out the venue had shut down the month before and the only reason we even found that out was through Yelp. Thanks Yelp. We used our free time to walk all over town just to find cheeseburgers. The search turned out great I think? I ordered a salmon burger so I can't really judge. Then we planned on going to see a movie but ended up in pajamas by 9 and passing out at 11:30pm. We were wild. The next day was OUR LAST DAY OF TOUR playing with friends in Baltimore. We got to end with the same friends and bands we started with: Us and Us Only + Man & Dog. And that was the first show ever that the girls of Catnaps slept in the car for.

salmon burger

Greensboro, NC

First show alone since Norman and you know what we missed most? Having a bass amp. It was back to D.I.'s and using our own drums. Le sigh. But it was a nice show, Boy Party was a fun band! This time Adrianne's family and friends came out to see us but alas, no photos to prove it. There was this amazing store across the street from the venue (Green Bean Cafe) called Design Archives Vintage and Handmade Emporium. Don't let the long and intimidating name scare you, they had some seriously cheap and awesome things! That night we got to stay at Adrianne's uncle's house which - get ready - had a separate bathroom for each of the 6 bedrooms. That's right. Everyone had their own bathroom. Oh that was nice...

I bought the yellow one. It was just too good to pass up.

Soy chai with some cinnamon. CINNAMON!

Boy Party

Fancy bathroom part 1

tub and shower. side by side. crazy.

Athens, GA

It was our first time at Waffle House. And my last. You know how you try things just to say you did it? I would never require anyone to eat there. Sorry that sounded really harsh, no offense to the Waffle House name or anything but I just felt awful after eating there. Who knows maybe I was the only one so maybe never eat what I ordered and you'll be fine. Maybe. Anyway Athens turned out to be our last night touring with Y.S. Very sad show but also very exciting because Mike Turner who runs Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records and consequently Athens Popfest (and helped put our show together, along with Mercer West) asked Younger Siblings and us to play Popfest! So we'll be seeing those blokes again in October! Sorry, when I get excited I start throwing  British words around, oh bother. Oh wait tour tip: ATHENS HAS HORRIBLE PARKING. Seriously, it was worse than Boston (but we didn't get any tickets this time!). If you have a trailer it will take you a VERY long time to find a spot anywhere in the city. 
         Back to the story, we ended our night at a diner that had a very strict seating policy and very crabby employees. The actual food was fine, Teddy and Chayse had a romantic milkshake moment, but the people were quite scary. While half of us waited outside for the other part to pay, they threatened to call the cops on us if we all didn't get back inside! Very strange considering less then a minute after all eight of us crowded the register and did nothing but clog up the entry way we were fine and left. Does that count as our "encounter with the law" tour story? Didn't think so. Before we said our final tearful goodbyes and Chayse sobbed into Teddy's arms*, Keith asked a rather foreign lady to take our picture. She kindly did but also somehow managed to insult dear Chayse in the process. "What's wrong with you?" And thus ended our stint with the cool kids of Younger Siblings.  
Adrianne has fragile arms. Syrup is a little tough for her.

look, but don't eat

makin some dough

That's 6 guys vs. 2 girls LADIES WHERE ARE YOU?!

our cool poster for the show



*that didn't actually happen, no one sobbed although Dan might have had a tear in his eye...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birmingham, AL

Welcome to God's Butt
Home of the creepy stuffed fox, funny animal portraits, and LEMON! We stayed two days in Birmingham, the first of which we spent filming a Nervous Energies session with Ryan Russell. He's an amazingly nice guy and a great photographer. You can check out a bunch of his work here. We treated him to some crazy good wings and then Adrianne and I went next door to Camp Taco for some super delicious mexican food. Day two we played with Younger Sibs in their house along with And and had a great show with some really nice kids. We hope they enjoy their nice clean bathroom and use the cleaning products often! Also, Caleb, sorry we moved your olive oil.






double rainbow

another cat nap

Nashville, TN


We played at the Log Cabin in Nashville which was definitely one of our more interesting shows. Eight bands, one basement, two stages set for a duel. Christmas lights abounded and people were everywhere. It was quite a shindig. Olivia who set the show up had an amazing band called Fancytramp, and there was another Nashville native group, Thelma and the Sleaze who were just insane. Highly recommend playing here, the people are super nice and Nashville has so many awesome bands it'd be absolutely absurd not to stop in. (check out Diarrhea Planet, Heavy Cream, Big Surr too!)

Chayse thought it was a no shirt party

Teddy thought it was a "wear our shirt" party


more Fancytramp

Philly label on a mini fridge in Nashville
I think I had too much fun with imovie. Here's a little diddy for you

Memphis, TN

Thus begins the co-tour with Younger Siblings. Apparently I have no photo evidence of day one with the fellows in Little Rock, so we'll start with day two - in Tennessee! We played at the Frame House which had a floor covered in more willies then a boy's bathroom stall. (And they say artists are creative) I tell you, the feeling of knowing people besides your band mates is SO NICE when you've spent 5 weeks with strangers at every show. I'm going to get a little sappy for a second and tell you all how wonderful they are. I don't think we could have asked for a better group of guys to spend our last week with. They're all hilarious and great musicians and awesome people in general, plus their music is so GOOD check them out anywhere and everywhere you can: Facebook Bandcamp. I didn't realize my phone would be so awful at recording videos so due to the poor sound quality of the video posted at the end of this ... thing, click the link below it to hear the same song on soundcloud and download it! I'd also like to note that Catnaps loves this song but Younger Siblings (esp. Teddy) does not. Oh and Memphis has decent pizza and if you're hungry later in the evening the people at Dunkin Donuts will give you a huge garbage bag full of donuts. Ok I'm done.

hip cafe

Dan in said hip cafe

The Frame House

wee willy winkies

just chillin

Ryan's masterpiece
practicing the song that would turn us into an 8 piece megaband
And now, may I present to you the members of YOUNGER SIBLINGS:
Keith "Next Door" Neighbors

Chayse "Red Line" Porter

Teddy Bear Rowe
Jonathan "Paper" Crain
Go HERE for an actual recording of this song

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