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This page contains the track listing for our Super Sweet Summer Compilation CD(s)

Because we live in a city filled with such a diverse music scene, we thought we'd let people know about it on our way across the country! We picked 26 local acts (and a little further away friends) to be on a free compilation CD we're giving out on our tour. We'd just like to thank them for letting us use their songs and agreeing to do this for free! And now, the tracks:

  1)   It’s A King ThingOld Hobbies
  2)   Frost WatsonGet Busy Living
  3)   The ArmchairsLittle Sammy Ghetz
  4)   Conversations With EnemiesNight of the Living Dead
  5)   Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies - Things I Used To Know
  6)   Dangerous PoniesGhosts
  7)   UnivoxTonight
  8)   Boy With Robot - Slow Machine
  9)   Norwegian ArmsRun! Ran! Run! Rah!
10)   Sunny Ali & The KidFuck Me 
11)   Man&Dog – Brakeman
12) Mal Blum - Baltimore
13)   Yellow Humphrey – Low Roses 
14)   Safe TravelsMade From Cloth
15)    White BirdsHondora

  1)    The Front BottomsThe Beers
  2)    Us & Us OnlyLa Guardia to LAX
  3)     Restorations – West River
  4)     Everyone EverywhereRaw Bar OBX 2002
  5)     Algernon Cadwallader – Chewed Up and Spit Out (In A Bowl)
  6)     Bleeding FractalsWe Know This Song Sounds Just Like a Lana Avacada Song But We Promise It’s Not
  7)  Luther - The Communion 
  8)    Glocca Morra –  Why Am I Not Going Under Walter
  9)    AbserdoLike a Hamster/Eat Your Kid
10)    BandnameFlathead
11)    The Sniffles Get Down
12)    Dry FeetSeaweed
13)    SluteverNo Offense
14)   Cousin BrianTired 

But wait! This is only Part 1. Stay tuned for our return home to get ahold of Part 2 which will include songs from artists we had the chance to play with while driving 10,000 miles across this rather large country!

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