Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Memphis, TN

Thus begins the co-tour with Younger Siblings. Apparently I have no photo evidence of day one with the fellows in Little Rock, so we'll start with day two - in Tennessee! We played at the Frame House which had a floor covered in more willies then a boy's bathroom stall. (And they say artists are creative) I tell you, the feeling of knowing people besides your band mates is SO NICE when you've spent 5 weeks with strangers at every show. I'm going to get a little sappy for a second and tell you all how wonderful they are. I don't think we could have asked for a better group of guys to spend our last week with. They're all hilarious and great musicians and awesome people in general, plus their music is so GOOD check them out anywhere and everywhere you can: Facebook Bandcamp. I didn't realize my phone would be so awful at recording videos so due to the poor sound quality of the video posted at the end of this ... thing, click the link below it to hear the same song on soundcloud and download it! I'd also like to note that Catnaps loves this song but Younger Siblings (esp. Teddy) does not. Oh and Memphis has decent pizza and if you're hungry later in the evening the people at Dunkin Donuts will give you a huge garbage bag full of donuts. Ok I'm done.

hip cafe

Dan in said hip cafe

The Frame House

wee willy winkies

just chillin

Ryan's masterpiece
practicing the song that would turn us into an 8 piece megaband
And now, may I present to you the members of YOUNGER SIBLINGS:
Keith "Next Door" Neighbors

Chayse "Red Line" Porter

Teddy Bear Rowe
Jonathan "Paper" Crain
Go HERE for an actual recording of this song


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