Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix was HOT. I can't remember which was worse that or Omaha but let me tell you they were both near 110 and ugly. Thankfully (or not) we were in an air conditioned car most of the day. We played at Trunk Space that night with a really awesome local band called Skinny Shamans. Extra points for having a girl drummer. The next day we explored town, ate more in-n-out (with animal style this time!), and went to the Museum of Musical Instruments. I feel like I love museums too much; I get too excited. Personally, it was one of the most interesting places I saw on tour. Add it to your list of touristy things to do in Arizona.

Trunk Space

that's what I call a guard dog

set up time

Skinny Shamans

Crazy art at the venue

some great souvenirs to get from in-n-out

animal style

museum time!


you'll be seeing me upgrade to these soon

the Japanese are really about symbolism

The Carolina Chocolate Drops are in here!?

I wonder if that really works

monkeys see, monkeys do


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