Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Athens, GA

It was our first time at Waffle House. And my last. You know how you try things just to say you did it? I would never require anyone to eat there. Sorry that sounded really harsh, no offense to the Waffle House name or anything but I just felt awful after eating there. Who knows maybe I was the only one so maybe never eat what I ordered and you'll be fine. Maybe. Anyway Athens turned out to be our last night touring with Y.S. Very sad show but also very exciting because Mike Turner who runs Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records and consequently Athens Popfest (and helped put our show together, along with Mercer West) asked Younger Siblings and us to play Popfest! So we'll be seeing those blokes again in October! Sorry, when I get excited I start throwing  British words around, oh bother. Oh wait tour tip: ATHENS HAS HORRIBLE PARKING. Seriously, it was worse than Boston (but we didn't get any tickets this time!). If you have a trailer it will take you a VERY long time to find a spot anywhere in the city. 
         Back to the story, we ended our night at a diner that had a very strict seating policy and very crabby employees. The actual food was fine, Teddy and Chayse had a romantic milkshake moment, but the people were quite scary. While half of us waited outside for the other part to pay, they threatened to call the cops on us if we all didn't get back inside! Very strange considering less then a minute after all eight of us crowded the register and did nothing but clog up the entry way we were fine and left. Does that count as our "encounter with the law" tour story? Didn't think so. Before we said our final tearful goodbyes and Chayse sobbed into Teddy's arms*, Keith asked a rather foreign lady to take our picture. She kindly did but also somehow managed to insult dear Chayse in the process. "What's wrong with you?" And thus ended our stint with the cool kids of Younger Siblings.  
Adrianne has fragile arms. Syrup is a little tough for her.

look, but don't eat

makin some dough

That's 6 guys vs. 2 girls LADIES WHERE ARE YOU?!

our cool poster for the show



*that didn't actually happen, no one sobbed although Dan might have had a tear in his eye...


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