Monday, September 5, 2011

Portland, OR

The drive to Portland was probably one of the most beautifully scenic drives we had all tour. It's also one of the coolest cities we visited. It might rival Philly for the best food trucks. This was probably the scariest show because Adrianne lost her voice the day before so I had to sing the whole set by myself (that NEVER happens). We also got to see our friend Kevin! It was really nice seeing a familiar face on the other side of the country. Let's see, there were also tons and tons and TONS of vintage clothing stores, pets, and delicious food! I would highly recommend visiting there at least once in your life.


That hot dog was over a foot long.

Philadelphia radio fans in Oregon

scenic shot

We made dinner!

Ryan didn't have swimming shorts... so he borrowed mine

Dan was very excited about the free oatmeal


antique store finds

Portland dog #1

This taco is a serious competitor for Dos Segundos'

first time eating poutine - YUM

we ate grilled cheeses on the second level

mushroom + sun dried tomatoes + spinach

Portland Dog #2


The Rose Garden at Washington Park

how precious

Out of the hundreds of roses, these are the only ones that actually smelled. 


Everyone needs to try this - maple bacon donut. It's worth breaking edge for.


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