Saturday, October 15, 2011


We made it down and back to Athens in one piece! Two 13ish hour car rides + 2 days in town for the festival and we are TIRED. But it was a great time and there were so many great bands that played. We even got to see our friends in Younger Siblings! And of course, we checked out the thrift store next door to where we played. GO THERE IT'S TERRIFIC. Can't remember the name but it's literally the store that's to the left of the Caledonia Lounge. Thanks to Mike and everyone else who put Popfest together!

First catastrophe: Adrianne's shoe fell apart


Big City Bread Cafe EAT HERE!!!!!!

Younger Sibs!

something I will never eat

Occupy Athens

The Goons

The Cavemen Go


Hot Pals


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